Born in 1986, Francesc Gasch considered himself as a designer attracted by different fields of creativity. He works exploring and making use of all the design aspects, constantly searching to create an honest and convincing product at the same time. It is only in that way he got his sincere motivation. 

After having worked in different companies and visited numerous exhibitions related to design throughout Europe, in 2011 Francesc decided to open his own office in his homeland, Barcelona.

Awards, exhibitions and talks

2013 - 2014, october - FRESH*. Promoting young talent and future spanish design stars (Organizer in partnership with Room Service Design Store) Barcelona, Spain.

2012 - 2013, july - Home accessories for Brots. Product Edition Contest for Brots company. (Organizer in partnership with Brots) Barcelona, Spain.

2012, september - Nominated to Unique Youngstar exhibition at Garden Unique, Spoga+Gafa, Cologne, Germany.

2012, april - Estocolmo de ida y vuelta, Galería Il·lacions, Barcelona, Spain.

2012, february - Pecha-Kucha night at Berns Hotel, Organized by Svensk Form, Stockholm, Sweden.

2012, february - Young Designers from Barcelona. BCD. Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Stockholm, Sweden.

2011 - Gandia Blasco International Design Contest (Nominated).

2010 - Awarded in the 5th Edition of Hi-cooking Castey Design Awards Contest as “The most functional” project.

2009 - Barcelona 2159 (Time Capsule). Exposed at Cosmo Caixa.

2008 - Exhibition at Casadecor with Savia Green Space project.

2008 - Prize Bayer MaterialScience “Life Style” with Savia Green Space project.

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