Francesc Gasch Studio | Signature Design Office

Traveller is a visually balanced and dynamic table lamp, inspired by a gesture of movement observed in nature.

It provides outstanding light while turned on and stands out beautifully while off as well.  The design process emphasizes this natural gesture that brings elemental inspiration to any environment. 

Formally, there is a “gesture” enveloping the volume of the lamp-shade with two subtle tangencies.

Traveller lamp’s design focuses on being practical in a discreet manner.

There is a close attention to proportion. Its simplicity of design and structure contrast with the LED technology, without compromising the elegance of the light.

The shapes and gestures of the lamp are merely an expression of two underlying concepts: dynamism and balance. One of the main intentions in this project is to find intimate light that adds warmth to all kinds of domestic spaces.                                    

Sober and well finished, the Traveller lamp is made of top-quality materials. The power of LED radiates an exquisite luminosity and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.