Francesc Gasch Studio | Signature Design Office

Sandle Collection

A unique candle holder that has been 3D printed using quartz sand

Edjinn & Rosa Cortiella x Francesc Gasch Studio

Handmade painted Faceta flowerpots by Edjinn x Francesc Gasch Studio 
Numbered edition 12 pieces

Faceta Flowerpot

Orthogonal shape formed by fourteen facets
In collaboration with Rosa Cortiella

Taula Table

Optimizing surface with this modular table / Exhibited in Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Stockholm, Sweden

Traveller Lamp

Meticulously executed, two components effortlessly embrace and connect to each other seamlessly

“S” Trophy

Ceramic 3D printing / Sculpture 

Milano Bench

Multilayered birch wood coated with a water-based varnish

Trois Stool

Triangular seat geometry that allows the user to sit in two different ways
In collaboration with Àngels Gratacós

Barcelona 2159 Time Capsule

Public Space / Sculpture
2010  — (2159)